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Session in Use

Each time an Operator logs-in to Volgistics they start a new session. Sessions stay "open" or "active" until the Operator clicks Exit on the Volgistics menu. For security purposes, Volgistics also closes sessions automatically when they are inactive for approximately 60 minutes. One way the system "senses" activity is when items are selected from the menu. So if you're doing something where you do not interact with the system (such as tagging a large number of records or writing a long email message), you may want to periodically select a different page from the menu.

If the Session in use message appears when you login, it means one of two things:

  1. You were using Volgistics within the last 60 minutes and your Internet connection dropped, or you closed your browser without clicking Exit in Volgistics. In this case your earlier Volgistics session is still considered open. You can click the Continue button to close your earlier session and login again.

  2. You share your Volgistics login name with another System Operator, and that person is currently using Volgistics. Because there can be only one session at a time for each Operator in your Volgistics account, you cannot login until the session is closed for the other person using the shared login name. In this case, clicking the Continue button will allow you to login. However, it will also close the other person's session (they will receive a Session expired notice). Clicking the Cancel button will allow the other person to continue working.

An individual Volgistics Operator can have only one session open at a time. However, your Volgistics account may have multiple Operators and each of these may have a session open at the same time. You can upgrade your Volgistics account and add additional System Operators if you would like more people to have access to the system at the same time. The number of System Operators you are allowed to add is controlled by your account's service level.