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Service Entry Edit Button Is Missing

Volgistics gives you the ability to edit service entries that have already been posted for your volunteers. That is done by clicking the Edit button next to the service entry as shown here:

Edit Button

However, there are two circumstances in which this Edit button does not appear.

First, the Edit button does not appear for consolidated service records. Volgistics automatically consolidates service records for prior months and years. Since these consolidated records may represent many individual entries, they do not include an Edit button themselves. To expand a consolidated service entry for a selected month or year click on the Month or Year link, as shown here:

Consolidated Year Link

Once you expand the consolidated entries for a selected month you'll see the individual service records for that month. These individual records normally include the Edit button.

Second, system operator rights may be set to prevent some system operators from changing existing service entries. The edit button will never appear on individual service entries for operators with this restriction.

If you are a Volgistics Administrator, you can set or remove this system operator restriction like this:

  1. Choose Setup from then menu.

  2. Expand System Operators.

  3. Click on the name of the system operator in question.

  4. Check or uncheck Change or delete existing service records as appropriate.

  5. Click Save.