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Security Blocks

Clearing Security Blocks

Volgistics carefully safeguards access to your account. One way Volgistics does this is by blocking computers that appear to be attempting to guess an account's credentials.

When Volgistics sees a computer making a series of attempts to access an account using invalid login names and passwords, it automatically stops accepting login attempts from that computer. This helps prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing an account by trying different login names and passwords over and over again until a valid login name and password are discovered.

Unfortunately, this important security provision may occasionally block a legitimate System Operator who has entered their account number, login name, or password incorrectly too many times in sequence. For example, when a legitimate operator has forgotten their password, and tries a series of possible (but incorrect) passwords over and over again.

To access the system if this has happened to you:

  1. If it is not cleared by your organization, this block will automatically clear itself after a certain period.
  2. Try accessing your account from a different Internet connection, or a different computer or device such as a smart phone. Because security blocks are specific to IP addresses, this will bypass the block that was put in place.
  3. If your organization's Volgistics Administrator (or another operator who has access to Setup on the menu) is already signed-in (or can access the system through step 2), they can clear the block by selecting Setup, Account Management, and then Remove Block.

This security mechanism takes more than a few invalid login attempts to be triggered. If Volgistics tells you that you have entered an invalid login name or password, pause to verify that the account number and email address you're using are correct. If you may have forgotten your password, click the Forget your password? link to reset your password by email before making repeated attempts to guess your password.

Clearing Security Blocks