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Operator Cannot Log In

If a Volgistics System Operator reports that they cannot login, the organization's Volgistics Administrator (or another System Operator who can login and who has access to the Setup menu) should perform the following System Operator check:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand System Operators
  3. Click on the name of the System Operator who cannot login. If this person's name does not appear on the list, there are two possible reasons.

One, they have not been setup as a System Operator yet (and therefore cannot login to the system). In this case, you should add a new System Operator for this person.

Two, the System Operator who is looking for the other operator is a Site-Level Operator or Multi-Site Level Operator who is not associated to the same Site as the Operator they are looking for. Site-Level Operator's can only see Operators assigned to the same Site as they are. Multi-Site Level Operators will only be able to see Operators that are associated with the Site the Multi-Site Level Operator is currently associated with.

If the name of the person who cannot login is listed, click on their name so their System Operator page appears.

  1. Make a note of the email address as it appears in the "Email address" field. This is the email address the System Operator must use when they login. Email addresses are not case sensitive (capitalization does not matter).
  2. To make sure the password is not a problem, either ask the System Operator to reset their own password, or follow the directions below to assign a new password to the operator.

Enter a new password in the Password and Confirm password fields. Make a note of the new password. This will be the password the System Operator must use to login.

The new password should be easy to remember, but must meet the password security guidelines found on the System Operator Ground Rules page. If the password did not meet the guidelines, you will receive a message listing password requirements when you click the Save button.


This step gives the System Operator a new password in case they have forgotten their original password. To ensure strong password protection, it is recommended that the System Operator change their password once they have logged in. You could optionally check the box next to Operator must change their password when they login next so they are automatically taken to a screen that requires the operator to change his or her password.

Image Must Change Password Setting

  1. Check these settings under the Rights heading.

  2. Locate the checkbox for Block this operator's access to the system. If this checkbox is checked, this System Operator will not be able to login from any computer. Uncheck this checkbox if you want this System Operator to be able to access the system.

  3. If Login allowed only from computers that use one of these Internet addresses: is checked, this System Operator is allowed to access the system only from the computer or network that has the IP address(es) listed. If you want this System Operator to be able to access the system from any computer, select Login allowed from any computer on the Internet instead.

  4. Click the Save button to save the System Operator profile.

  5. Give the System Operator the nine-digit account number; the email address exactly as you noted it in Step 4; and the new password you created for them in Step 5 if you opted to give them a new password. Ask them to login again by visiting, selecting Login from the menu at the top of the page, and entering the credentials you've given them.

Still Cannot Login

If you've followed the steps listed above and the System Operator still cannot login, check these things:

  1. If a System Operator cannot login it is likely that they will receive a login error message. Ask them what this message says. Asking them what this login error message is may lead you to the cause of the login problem.
  2. As a security measure, Volgistics will block access from computers or networks that make repeated attempts to login using invalid account credentials. It is possible that this System Operator triggered this kind of security block.
  3. System operators log in by selecting Login from the menu at, not from your VicNet link (if you use VicNet). Be sure the System Operator is going to and selecting Login from the menu at the top of the page to login.