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How to Log In

Logging In

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Volunteer managers log in by going to the Home page of the Volgistics website ( with any popular web browser. To log in, you'll need your:

  • Nine digit Volgistics account number
  • Email address
  • Password

If you just created a trial account for the organization where you are in charge of volunteers, use the nine digit Volgistics account number you received when you signed-up, along with the email address and password you entered on the sign-up form. If you're not the person who signed-up for your account, you'll receive the account number, and your login name and password from the Administrator of the account who created your System Operator record. Carefully safeguard your Volgistics account number, login name, and password. Anyone who has these can access your Volgistics account.

Volunteer Log In

This help topic explains how Volgistics account holders log in to the system. Account holders are generally the people at the organization who manage or direct the volunteer department. If you are a volunteer, or someone at the organization such as the head of a department where volunteers serve, you will not login as shown in this help topic. Instead, you will use the VicNet portal to access the system. See Logging into VicNet for more information.

Here's how account holders who manage volunteers for their organizations can log in:

  1. Visit
  2. Select Login from the menu at the top of the page.

    Image of Login on the Menu

  3. Enter your account number, email address, and password in the Secure Login box. The email address field is not case sensitive, but the password field is.

  4. Click the Login button.

    Image of Login Button

Forget your password?

If you have forgotten your Volgistics password, or you get a message telling you that you have entered an invalid account number, login name, or password, click the Forget your password? link on the Login page. As long as the account number and email address entered match a record in the system, Volgistics will send a password reset message to the email address you use so you can create a new password. Password Reset has instructions that explain more about the password reset process.

Remember my credentials at this computer

The Secure Login box may include a Remember my credentials at this computer checkbox.

If you check this option when you log in, the computer you are currently using will remember your Volgistics account number and login name so the next time you log in the account number and login name will already be entered for you. You'll just need to enter your password and then click the Login button.

In order for your computer to remember your Volgistics account number and login name, your web browser must allow cookies. If cookies are disabled in your web browser, or by your IT department, checking this option will not have any effect.


Once you log in, you establish what is called a session with the Volgistics system. As long as you are actively working in Volgistics, your session will stay open. You can work in the system as long as you want without having to log in again.

Volgistics includes an important security feature that closes a session if your connection to Volgistics is idle for more than about 60 minutes. This means that if you log in, and then leave your computer (or stop working in Volgistics) for more than about 60 minutes, your current session with Volgistics will automatically close. If this happens you'll see a Session Expired message when you return to the system. If you see this message, simply log in again and a new session will open.

This security feature protects you by reducing the possibility you might leave the system open at a computer that is accessible to someone who is not authorized to access your information.


If you want to access Volgistics from home or other locations, you'll need your nine digit Volgistics account number, as well as your login name and password. Unless you memorize your account number, you may want to record it on a card in your wallet or purse, or store it as a note on your cell phone. This way you'll have it if you want to log in from a different location. Just be sure to keep your account number private.

To protect your account in the event that your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, we recommend that passwords always be memorized. At the very least, do not store your account number, email address and password in the same place. This prevents potential unauthorized users from discovering all three pieces of information at once.

Logging In

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