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Error Messages

The following is a list of the error messages which could be reported by Volgistics and the conditions under which they would occur.

Error 301

Irregular web request

Volgistics received a request from your computer, but the content of the request was incomplete, or too large to send.

If you receive this error when saving a Volgistics form with a very large text entry, the text entry may be too large. The maximum length of a text entry in a single Volgistics field is 4,600 characters. Check to be sure you are not attempting to save more than 4,600 characters in a single field.

If you continue to receive this error, please report it to the Volgistics Team in a help inquiry. Include the error number 301, and a description of what you are doing in Volgistics when you receive the error.

Error 303

Email Preferences Not Available

This error appears when an individual tries to access their message preferences using the link in an email they've received but no longer have a volunteer record for the corresponding account. For example, a volunteer may access a message that was previously sent to them through Volgistics, but their volunteer record has since been deleted. Since their record no longer exists, they cannot manage message preferences.

This error could also occur if the organization that sent the message no longer has an active Volgistics account.

Error 305

Irregular web request or expired session

Volgistics received a request from your computer, but the content of the request was incomplete or incorrectly formed.

This could happen if a web request was corrupted by a faulty network device.

This error could also occur if you bookmark a page within a secure part of Volgistics, and then later attempt to return to the bookmarked link. Secure pages cannot be bookmarked. To visit a particular page within the system later, you must login normally and then navigate to that page again. This ensures that only authorized system operators can return to secure pages.

Error 306


For security purposes your computer has been temporarily blocked. It has sent too many requests with incomplete or incorrectly formed data. For more information, see Security Blocks.

Session Expired

This Volgistics session has expired. To continue working, click Exit and then login again.

Volgistics sessions expire after a certain period of inactivity (about 60 minutes). If you have a Volgistics session running on your computer and you do not use the system for 60 minutes or more, Volgistics automatically closes your session and automatically logs off.

Automatic log off is primarily a security provision. If you leave your computer unattended with Volgistics running, another person could potentially use your session to access the system (of course, it's always a good idea to close your Volgistics session by clicking Exit on the menu when if you're leaving your computer, especially if you are working from a computer accessible by others).

To start a new session and continue working, simply click Exit on the menu and then login again.

The link or bookmark you clicked is incomplete.

If you are attempting to add a link to the Volunteer Information Center from your web site when you receive this error, the link you've created does not contain your organization's public account number. You can learn more about how to add links to the VicNet portal in the Create Links to VicNet help topic.

Page not found

The link or bookmark you clicked is incomplete, or the page no longer exists on the web site.

The web page you were looking for was not found.

Internal Application Error

Catastrophic failure

Server error 500

These errors would indicate a problem on the Volgistics system itself.

If you receive any of these error messages while using Volgistics, please contact the Volgistics Team for assistance:

When you contact the Volgistics team, please explain what you were doing in Volgistics when the error occurred, and the exact wording of the error message.

Normally such errors will not result in a loss of any previously saved information. Such errors may occur if the system encounters data which is outside of an expected range.

You should be able to continue working in other areas or on other records after such an error occurs. If the error occurs consistently in a particular location it may be necessary for the Volgistics Team to make an adjustment to the system.

Browser Errors

You use Volgistics through a standard web browser. Web browsers can report error conditions as well, and these will generally relate to Internet connection or internal web browser problems.

Errors generated by your web browser will often include a detailed description of what the error condition is and how to resolve it.