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Access Not Permitted from This Computer

Your organization can setup Volgistics system operators who are permitted to access the system only from certain computers.

If you see the message Access not permitted from this computer when you attempt to login to Volgistics it means your system operator profile includes this limitation and you are attempting to login from a computer that is not one of the computers from which you are permitted to access the system.

Specifically, this means that the public IP address used by the computer is neither of the two permitted IP addresses specified in your system operator profile. The Internet IP address currently being used by your computer is displayed as part of this message.

You will not be able to login until you are at one of the computers from which access is permitted, or your organization's Volgistics Administrator modifies or removes this restriction.

Contact your organization's Volgistics Administrator for further assistance with this restriction. The Volgistics Team cannot remove this restriction from your system operator profile. This restriction may be removed or modified only by one of your organization's Volgistics Administrators. Your organization's Volgistics Administrator(s) can access the system from any computer.

To manage this restriction Volgistics Administrators may:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand System Operators
  3. Click on your system operator name.
  4. Examine or modify the setting for Computers. The Permitted host IP address fields show which IP address(es) the selected system operator may login from. System Operator Settings explains more about how this works.
  5. Click the Save button if you make any changes.