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Service Tab Overview

Identify a Service Entry's Source

How do I view a selected volunteer's hours?

Each volunteer's service is tracked on the Service tab of the volunteer record. Service information in Volgistics is designed to show historical information about when a volunteer gave hours or contributed to your organization. Volgistics can also track the volunteer's schedule, which is designed to show when a volunteer is expected to serve in the future. The system does not automatically convert the volunteer's schedule into service information because sometimes volunteers do not serve when expected. You can learn all of the different ways that service entries can be added to the volunteer's Service tab in Methods of Posting Service.

To get to a volunteer's Service tab:

  1. Choose Volunteers from the menu.
  2. Locate and click on the name of the volunteer of interest.
  3. Select the Service tab in that volunteer's record.

The Service tab may have three boxes: Assignments, Service, and Mandatory Service. This help topic addresses only the second box, Service. Assignment Roles explains the Assignments box, and Mandatory Service Overview explains more about the last box.

Service Records

Most Volgistics users track the amount of service completed by their volunteers. There are several ways to get service records into Volgistics, including the use of the optional VicTouch or VicNet modules, the Post page, or by collecting hours from paper time sheets and then manually posting hours in individual volunteer records. No matter which way(s) you collect service information, it will end up as a service record in the Service box on the Service tab in the volunteer record. Note that service records are the source of data for all service reports in Volgistics, so it is important that they accurately represent your volunteers' service.

The image below shows an example of how a volunteer's Service box might look. Note that service completed in previous years is grouped together as a total entry for the entire year, and service completed in the current year is grouped together by month. To expand a previous year's service information into the months during which service was recorded, click on the year in the Date column. To expand monthly service information into the individual service records that comprise a given month's total service, click on the month and year of interest in the Date column. To see each individual entry for all years listed at once, click on the orange Expand all link in the upper left corner of the Service box.

GIF of Service Box

You can use the grid columns in the Service box on the Service tab to display Service Measure information linked to individual service records. You can choose whether or not to display Service Measures as a grid column when you set up the Service Measure.

Editing a Service Record

When the Service box is expanded to show individual service records, you will see an orange Edit link next to each entry. Click the Edit link to change any of the information that is part of a service record, or to see how a service record was entered or modified. (If you do not see an Edit link, see Service Entry Edit Button Is Missing.)

Use any of the fields in the Edit box to adjust the service information pertaining to this record. Be sure to click the Save button when you are finished making any updates.

GIF of Editing Entry

Tracking Service Changes

When you edit a service entry, the light gray text at the bottom of the Edit box provides source information about the entry.

  • If the entry was made by the volunteer, the source will be VicNet or VicTouch. When a System Operator edits an entry made by a volunteer, the information about which module the volunteer used is no longer available. However, the entry will still show as being entered originally by the volunteer.
  • If the source was a System Operator using the Post page, the source will be Batch along with the batch number.
  • If the entry was made by a System Operator on the volunteer's Service tab, it will show as being entered manually.
  • If an entry was edited by an operator on the volunteer's Service tab, or while auditing service, the entry will show as being edited manually.

The source information also shows the date and time the entry was made. If the entry was made by a System Operator manually, or an operator edited the entry, it will show the operator's name along with the date and time. If the entry was made from the Post page, you can run a Batch report to get this information.

The source also shows the service entry number. This is highlighted in the example below (2163215962).

Image of Source Information

You can use the number to track changes to the entry in your account's Event Log. To do this:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Click the Account Management link.
  3. Click Event Log.
  4. Hold down the Control (CTRL) key on your keyboard and press the F key. This will open your web browser's Find feature.
  5. Enter the number in the Find window and if there is an entry on the Event Log page for a change it will be highlighted.

If the change was made earlier than the date range the Event Log page you're looking at covers, you will need to click the Next button to go to events for earlier dates.

Identify a Service Entry's Source

How do I view a selected volunteer's hours?