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Methods of Posting Service

How service records get into Volgistics

Service information in Volgistics is designed to show historical information about when a volunteer gave hours or contributed to your organization. Volgistics also can track the volunteer's schedule, which is designed to show when a volunteer is expected to serve in the future. The system does not automatically convert the volunteer's schedule into service information because sometimes volunteers do not serve when expected.

There are several ways you can enter or collect volunteer service information in Volgistics:

  1. If your volunteers all serve at primarily one or several fixed locations, such as a hospital, clinic, museum, zoo, or a performing arts center, you can use the VicTouch module to collect volunteer service. The VicTouch module provides an interactive station where volunteers can sign-in and out, and also receive messages, check their schedules, and more.

    There is also an option to have VicTouch launch on the volunteer's mobile device using a QR code. This expands your ability to collect hours with VicTouch to locations where you may not have an internet connection such as at a 5K race.

    VicTouch can eliminate manual hour record keeping entirely in many organizations, and provides the most accurate method of tracking volunteer service.

  2. You can use the VicNet module if you would like some or all of your volunteers to post their own volunteer hours online from home (or any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection). This option can also reduce or eliminate the need for manual hour record keeping. You will need to set up the VicNet Service Page in order to do this.

  3. If you pre-schedule all or most of your volunteers in advance, you can use the Volgistics Post page to post volunteer hours directly from your schedules. In addition to posting hours from the schedule, the Post page also lets you post hours for tagged volunteers, volunteers in a particular Assignment, with a certain Type, with a certain Flag, or with last names starting with a specific letter. You can find out more about how the Post page works in the Enter Service From Post Page help topic.

  4. If you need to enter the hours for just a few volunteers, you can also enter hours for an individual volunteer from the Service tab of their volunteer record. You can learn how to do this in the Add Service Entry to Volunteer help topic.

Choose the method that best suits your needs. No matter which way you choose to collect service, hours will appear in Volgistics as part of service records, and these drive your reports. You can collect some hours one way, and other hours a different way, and they'll be in a standard format in your database. You can also start out entering hours manually and then switch to VicTouch. They all feed into the same database.

How service records get into Volgistics