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Mandatory Service Set Up

Use the Mandatory Service setup page to configure the basic operating rules for the mandatory service features in Volgistics. If you're not already on the Mandatory Service setup page you can get there by selecting Setup from the menu, choosing Service tracking, and then clicking on the Mandatory service link.

Mandatory service

Use the mandatory service features

Mark this box to enable the mandatory service features in Volgistics. To disable the mandatory service features, un-check this box. Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the setup page to save your changes.

Base mandatory service on...

In addition to hours, mandatory service can be based on any other service measures an organization tracks as well as Merit Hours. Mark the box next to "Merit hours" and/or any other service measures created by your organization to permit service completed under any of these measures to be applied to a mandatory service program. For example, if you track a service measure called "Tours Given" and volunteers must give 5 tours per year, in addition to completing 25 hours of service per year, be sure that not only the "Hours" box is checked, but that the "Tours Given" box is checked here as well.

Automatically mark complete?

An organization can use this setting to decide whether they want to manually mark mandatory service requirements "Complete" or they want the system to automatically manage Mandatory Service completion for them.

Automatically manage Mandatory Service completion for me.

When this option is selected, Volgistics will recognize when the service requirements for a mandate have been met. The system will automatically mark the "Completed" checkbox and enter the appropriate date in the "Completed on" field on the volunteer's Service tab.

Note that if this option is selected, the "Completed" checkbox and the "Completed on" date field will become disabled for System Operators and the only way either of these fields can be edited is by the system's automatic mandatory service management function.

Do not manage Mandatory Service completions automatically. I want to mark Mandatory Service complete myself.

This option will require a System Operator to manually mark the "Completed" checkbox on the date when a volunteer has met the requirements of a service mandate. This is the best option to use when it may be desirable to edit "Completed on" dates or mark a service mandate "Complete" before a volunteer has actually finished all of the required service for the service mandate.