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Delete a Batch of Service

How to Delete a Batch of Posted Service

If you post volunteer service manually, the Post page provides a fast way to enter service entries for multiple volunteers at the same time. Each time you finish posting, a batch record is created for all the service posted during the session. Each batch has a unique identification number and you can see a record of the service created for the batch by running a Batch Report.

There may be times an entire batch of service was entered incorrectly. For example, if the System Operator meant to enter service for a specific Assignment, but selected the wrong Assignment by mistake. In this case, one option is to go to each volunteer's record in the batch and edit the service entry. However, if there were a large number of records in the batch it may be quicker to delete the entire batch of service and then re-enter it. This option should only be used if you wish to delete all service entries (or service records) for the entire batch.

Only System Operators with the Administrator user level can delete an entire batch of service at once. Here are the steps Administrators take to delete a batch of service.

  1. Select Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand the Account management link.
  3. Select Delete a batch.
  4. At this point a screen will appear warning you that the action of deleting the batch of service cannot be reversed and that it will delete all service entries for the batch. If you are sure this is what you wish to do, continue to step 5. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.
  5. Enter the number for the batch you wish to delete in the field after Delete all of the service records that were posted in batch number and click the Continue button.
  6. You can still opt to discontinue deleting the batch by clicking the Cancel button. If you wish to proceed, enter the password you use to login to Volgistics in the Password field and click the Continue button.
How to Delete a Batch of Posted Service