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Schedule Regular Volunteers Every Other Week

To schedule volunteers for regular duty every-other week (alternating weeks):

  1. If the volunteer is not scheduled yet, place the volunteer on the schedule by filling an opening slot or add them directly to the schedule. You can quickly tell how a volunteer is scheduled by looking at the schedule icons. If the volunteer is already scheduled, edit their schedule entry.

  2. Make sure Frequency is set to Regular.

  3. Check the Alternate checkbox under the day (or days) of the week the volunteer serves. For example, if the volunteer serves alternating Wednesdays, check the Alternate checkbox in the Wed (Wednesdays) column as shown here:

    Example of Schedule Entry

  4. The Time period settings allow you to optionally select a starting and ending date for the schedule entry. This is handy if you do not want the schedule entry to be ongoing. In the example above, Margaret Beesley is scheduled to begin serving on August 6, 2020 and her schedule ends on December 30, 2020.

  5. Click the Save button when you are done adding or editing the schedule entry.