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Enter Holidays


Use the Holidays page to record any dates your organization closes for a holiday. If you are not already on the Holidays page you can get there by choosing Setup from the menu, selecting 'Scheduling;' and then choosing 'Holidays.'

Entering a holiday here causes any regularly scheduled volunteers to be removed from all schedules on the date of the holiday. Openings will appear on a designated holiday only if the opening was added as a 'one time' opening. This gives you the ability to override a holiday in selected assignments (if you want to) by deliberately scheduling volunteers for those assignments on that date or adding schedule openings specifically to that date, as 'one time' openings. In addition, ongoing openings will not appear on the online application form for a date you make a holiday.

For example, on a particular holiday no volunteers are needed for any of your regular openings. However, there is one important assignment that you want to staff even though it's a holiday. To do this you would enter the holiday as usual. This removes all of the regular openings and all of the regularly scheduled volunteers from the schedule system wide.

Then you can go to the schedule for that one important assignment and either add an opening or schedule a volunteer for that date only. These one-time schedule entries made on a holiday will then override the holiday setting.


Enter the date of the holiday here.


Enter the name of the holiday here (e.g. 'Thanksgiving').


Click the Save button to save your changes.


Click the Cancel button to exit without saving your changes.


To delete a holiday entered previously, click the Delete link next to the holiday entry you want to delete.


To change a holiday entered previously, click the Edit link next to the holiday entry you want to change, use the Edit box to make your changes, and then click the Save button.