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Service Summary Report - Service Values Report (stock)

This stock report summarizes volunteer service and service values for the fiscal year selected in the Include criteria. The report calculates service value based on the values set for your organization. The How to Setup Service Values help topic explains more about how to do this.

The report lists service and values by assignment, with a sub-total for each assignment. If you organize your assignments by Sites and Places, the report also includes sub-totals for each Place and Site.

A grand total for each month appears at the end of the report, and a grand total for each assignment (as well as for each Site and Place if they appear on the report) appears in the right most column.

Use this report to show the monetary value of volunteer service for a selected year or range of years.

Example of Service Values Stock Report

You can customize Service Summary reports to

The Create Custom Reports help topic explains more about how to customize your reports.