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Service Summary Report - Monthly Service Comparison by Type (stock)

This stock report summarizes volunteer service for each month in the current fiscal year, plus it compares each month to the same month in the previous year. The report lists service by Type, with a sub-total for each Type. The Type field appears in the Name box on the Core tab, and it is typically used for classifying volunteers into categories such as adult, junior, student, regular, occasional, auxiliary, and so forth. Service for volunteers who do not have a specific Type appears at the end of the report under the heading "(none)."

A grand total for each month appears at the end of the report, and a grand total for each Type appears in the right most column.

Use this report for month-to-month service comparisons by Type for the current year.

Example of a Monthly Service Comparison by Type Stock Report

Customizing and Running Stock Reports

You can generate this report using the Run It button, and change its appearance using the Modify It button. You can also Clone It to create your own custom versions.