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Service Details Report - Volunteer Service Details (stock)

Use this stock report to list volunteers and their hours of service. The report lists the volunteer name followed by a list of their individual service entries for the month(s) you choose. The report lists volunteers alphabetically. For each service entry the report lists the From date, To date, Assignment, and hours served.

The total number of hours reported for each volunteer during the time period the report covers shows as a subtotal, and a grand total appears at the end of the report.

When you run the report, the Include page settings allow you to run this report for tagged volunteers, or for volunteers with any Flag, Type, or Status you specify. The report can also be restricted to just service given in a Site, Place, or Assignment you select. To do this, check the box by Only include service in and select the Site, Place, or Assignment from the dropdown list. You can run service reports for any single month, a span of months (e.g. January 2022 through December 2022), or a specific date range.

Example of Volunteer Service Details Report

There are other stock Service Details reports if you'd like to have a report that is organized differently. If you do not need a detailed service report, consider using a Service Summary report that gives just the totals instead.

To create a Volunteer Service Details report:

  1. Select Reports from the menu.
  2. Expand Service details.
  3. Select Volunteer service details (stock). Custom reports appear above stock reports so you may need to scroll down to see the stock reports.
  4. Click the Run It button. (If you want to customize the report, click the Clone It button instead.)
  5. Select the format for the report file, the time frame for the service information the report will include, and optionally which volunteers will be on the report. The Service Details Include Tab help topic explains more about your choices.
  6. Click the Run Now button.