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Name Tags Fields Tab

The Fields page appears when you create a new report or modify an existing report. Use the Fields page to choose the field arrangement you want for this Name Tags report.

Your name tags can also include your organization's logo. The setting for this is on the Page Design tab of the report.

Your message:

Use this field to enter any text that should appear at the top of each name tag. If there is no need to include text on the top of the name tags, this field can be left blank.

Then choose which information should be displayed in the center of the name tag. The field options for this location of the name tag include the following:

  • First name only
  • Nickname (First name is used if Nickname is blank)
  • First name and Last name

You can also choose which information should be displayed below the name option selected above. Options include:

  • First name and Last name
  • Last name only
  • Title, First name, and Last name
  • Last name and Nickname
  • Nickname and Last name
  • Title, Nickname, and Last name
  • Omit this line

Lastly, you can optionally choose to include other information related to the volunteer. You can choose to:

When you're finished choosing the Fields for your report, click Next to continue to the next step.