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Include Count on Service Reports

In addition to volunteer hours, you can include volunteer counts to see how many volunteers served in a certain time period on any Service Details or Service Summary reports. Here's how you can make a custom report template to do this:

  1. Choose Reports from the menu.
  2. Select Service details or Service summary. Service details reports will list each date a volunteer served while service summary reports give a lump sum for service in a time period.
  3. Click Create a new service details report or Create a new service summary report.
  4. On the Options page, you can select how you'd like the report to be organized and other options. If you're unsure of a setting on a page, you can click the Help link to learn more.

    Example of Help Link

  5. On the Fields page, check Unduplicated volunteer count along with any other fields you'd like the report to show.

  6. On the Page Design page, you can enter a title and change any settings you wish. These settings will only be used if you create a PDF file of the report. They will not matter if you choose to make a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.
  7. On the Include page, select the file format you prefer and the time frame the report will cover. You can also select to only include certain volunteers in the report's results such as those with a certain Type or Flag.
  8. On the Save page, enter a name for your template. Click the Save button to save your template. Or if you want to see your file now, click the Save and Run button then the Run Now button. The file will be sent to your Volgistics In Box.

Your report will include a volunteer count column containing an unduplicated count of the number of volunteers who served during the time frame the report covers. The system will automatically only count a volunteer once if they serve more than once in the time period the report covers, or in multiple Assignments included on the report.

Once you have your template, you can use it over and over again by following these steps:

  1. Choose Reports from the menu.
  2. Go to Service details or Service summary.
  3. Select the report template you made.
  4. Click the Run It button.
  5. Make any changes you'd like for the time period the report covers or which volunteers are included.
  6. Click the Run Now button.


If there is a stock service details or summary report that is close to what you want, you can customize it instead of starting from scratch. To do this, just follow the steps to make a template but click the stock report and then the Clone it button. All the settings on the stock report's pages will already be selected. Just make your changes you need such as adding the Unduplicated volunteer count field and then save the new template.