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Cannot Open Excel Files

Microsoft Office files in your Volgistics Mailbox will typically open or download automatically when you click on the name of the report. If you click on an Excel spreadsheet file and nothing happens, it may be that your web browser needs to be configured to open Microsoft Office files with the appropriate Microsoft Office applications (or other compatible programs).

The browser settings must be changed so that there is an association between files ending in .XLXS and the Excel program (or other compatible spreadsheet program) you run on the computer. Look for a section in your web browser settings that has to do with file downloads to make the change. If you need additional assistance, please contact your organization's IT staff.

Alternatively, without changing the browser settings, you can often right-click on an Excel file link in your Volgistics Mailbox, choose to save it to your computer, and then open it from within Excel or by going to the saved location.