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Accounting Access Code

Accounting Access Code

Your Volgistics account includes an accounting access code. This code can be used to access the Volgistics Store for your account. You perform these functions in the Volgistics Store:

The Administrators for your Volgistics account can access the Store using their usual Volgistics System Operator credentials (email address and password). The accounting access code lets you give a person access to the Volgistics Store who is not setup as a System Operator, or who is a System Operator with a Power user or Basic user access level.

This is useful because in many organizations the person who makes the payment arrangements for the Volgistics account is someone outside of the volunteer program, such as an accounting office or accounts payable department. The accounting access code lets you give this person access to the Volgistics Store, but not your volunteer database.

To find the accounting access code for your account:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.
  2. Choose System Operators.
  3. Click on Accounting Operator.

To give an accounting operator access to the Volgistics Store for your account, give them your nine digit Volgistics account number, plus your accounting access code. You can get to the Store by visiting, hovering over Try or Buy on the menu at the top of the page, and then selecting the Store option.

Image of Try or Buy Menu

Reset Accounting Access Code

When people who have your account's accounting access code leave your organization, it is a good practice to change your accounting access code. Administrator level System Operators can do this by clicking the Reset button next to the code and then entering the password they use to login to Volgistics. Power and Basic user level System Operators will not see this button even if they have access to Setup on the Volgistics menu.

Accounting Access Code

The Volgistics Store