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Send a Message to the Volunteers in a Set

With the Volgistics Sets feature it's easy to send email, text messages, and VicMail to all of the volunteers in a Set. For example, if you have a Set that includes everyone who volunteered last year, you can send a message to all of them at once.

If you've already defined the set of volunteers you want to send your message to, you're ready to start. If you haven't defined the set yet, create the set first and then return here when you're finished.

To send a message to the volunteers in a specific set:

  1. Choose Mailbox from the menu.
  2. Select the Out Box tab.
  3. Click the Send a Message button.

  4. On the New message page select how you'd like to send your message and All of the volunteers in this Set. Choose the Set of volunteers you want to receive the message from the Sets dropdown list.

  5. Enter a subject for your email and compose your message

  6. Once you're finished, use the Send dropdown to select Send Now if you want the message to go out immediately. If you'd rather schedule the message to go out in the future, you can use the Send dropdown to select Schedule Send and choose the date and time you'd like the message to be sent.

Messages sent through Volgistics can use any combination of email, text message, and VicMail.

Are Email Messages Sent as Blind Carbon Copies (BCC)?

In most email clients there is a blind carbon copy (BCC) feature that prevents recipients from seeing the names and email addresses of the other recipients. In Volgistics, this is not necessary because the system generates a separate copy of the message for each person. So information about other recipients is hidden without the need to take an extra step.

You can also send messages to different groups of volunteers without using a Set, as shown in the following help topics: