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Recipient Cannot Open Microsoft Word Attachment

You can send email through Volgistics with file attachments that are either PDF (Portable Document Format), DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word document) files.

If you choose to send a Microsoft Word document to volunteers or coordinators as an email attachment, each recipient's ability to open the attachment will depend on their having a software program compatible with this Microsoft Corporation file format. Volunteers or coordinators who receive the attachment, but who use a different version of Microsoft Office than you used to create the attachment, or who do not have a program capable of reading DOC or DOCX files may not be able to open the attachment.

In addition, some recipient email systems and anti-virus programs may strip or re-name email attachments that are Word documents because these files could potentially contain computer viruses. If a recipient receives the DOC or DOCX file attachment, but the attachment's file name has been altered by their email or anti-virus system (Volgistics does not alter the attachment file name), their computer may not know that the file is a Word document and therefore be unable to open it.

Unless you know your volunteer or coordinator email recipients will be able to open Microsoft Word documents, choosing to send email attachments as PDF files rather than DOC or DOCX files will generally result in more recipients being able to open and view the attachment. PDF files may be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is freely available.

Volgistics does not alter the DOC, DOCX or PDF files you include as email attachments.