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Email Content Looks Different to Recipients

Email messages that you send from Volgistics are composed using the rich text editor. With this editor you can format the content of your email with different fonts, font sizes, and colors and add emojis, tables, and other features. The majority of the time, recipients of your message will receive the email exactly as you intended it to appear, or very close. However, there may be cases where the message does not appear correctly when the recipient opens it. This is because there is not a standard protocol in place that every email provider follows to interpret HTML email messages. This means that different email providers may display the same message differently.

For example, the emojis you add to your email messages may not be supported by all email providers, and some email provider may use a different set of emojis than those found in Volgistics. In these cases, the emojis you included may not show up for the recipient or they may look a little different than what you see in Volgistics.

As another example, if you do not set a specific font for your email, the rich text editor will display the content of your email using the Roboto sans serif font. However, when volunteers receive that email, their email provider will display the content of your message using their own default fonts. You may send a message that looks like this:

Image of message composed in rich text editor

But when the recipient receives it in Outlook, the message is displayed using the default font for that program, Times New Roman:

Image of the message opened in Outlook

Or there may be cases where a recipient's email provider does not support a particular font you've selected. Since the font you intended is not available, the recipient's provider would substitute a different font for the message causing it to look different than you intended.

Volgistics designed its HTML email functions with these differences in mind and tried to include only features and styles that are commonly supported. In most cases, your messages should appear as you intended, but due to the large number of email providers available, it is not possible to ensure that every message you send will be rendered properly when it is received.