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Email Address Validity

Email Address Validity

Volgistics helps you identify invalid email addresses in your volunteer records by placing an email validity icon next the email address field on the Core tab in each volunteer's record. An example of this appears below:

Image of Validity Indicator

How Volgistics Determines Email Address Validity

Volgistics determines an email address' validity by looking at the results of the email messages you send. By default, Volgistics looks at the last three messages you've sent. If all three were delivered without failure, the address' validity is marked with the green icon. If one or two of last three messages sent to this address failed, but at least one was successful, Volgistics marks the address with the yellow icon. If all of the last three messages sent to this address failed, Volgistics marks the address with a red icon.

You can optionally change the default failure threshold of these messages to another value in Setup.

What Email Address Validity Icons Mean

The email address is blank, or no messages have been sent to this email address yet.
All of the most recent email messages sent to this address were delivered without any failures. This indicates a valid email address.
At least one of the most recent email messages sent to this address failed. It may be that this is a valid email address, but the recipient's mail system was experiencing some difficulty at the time a message was sent to them.
An invalid email address. There are three reasons that an email address could be marked invalid:

-All of the most recent email messages sent to this address failed.
-The "No email" checkbox in the volunteer or Coordinator record is checked--meaning that you do not want to send email to this person for some reason.
-This volunteer or Coordinator has opted-out of all email (they have asked that no additional email be sent to this email address)

To determine which of these reasons apply to this email address, move the mouse pointer over the red icon. Once an email address is identified as invalid no additional email will be sent to that address unless you reset the email address as explained below.


If an email address is invalid because all of the most recent messages sent to the address failed, or if the recipient has opted-out of all email, a Reset link will appear next to the email validity field as shown here:

Image of Reset Link

You can get more information about why the Reset link is appearing by looking at the Email Preferences box on the volunteer's Profile tab or the Messages box on the volunteer's History tab. An example of how this might appear is shown below:

Image of Indicator on History Tab

You can click the Reset link to remove the invalid icon; however, you should only reset an email address if you know that the recipient wants to receive your email, and if you believe the address is currently valid. Resetting email addresses that are marked invalid because the recipient opted-out means that you may be sending email to someone who has asked you not send them any additional email. This can jeopardize your email reputation with the recipient's email provider and adversely affect your ability to send email to others at the same domain (for example, or Why Message Opt-Out is Required explains more about why it is important to respect email opt-outs.

Email Address Validity