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Checklist Does Not Apply to Every Volunteer

When you create a Checklist item you have the option of specifying which volunteers the item will apply to. For example, a 'Health Screening' might be setup so it only applies to volunteers whose Status is Active; or a 'Drivers License Check' could be setup to apply only to volunteers who have an assignment that involves driving.

For this reason, not every volunteer will necessarily have the same items listed when you view their Checklist on the History tab.

If you have access to Setup on the menu, you can determine (or adjust) which volunteers a particular Checklist item applies to like this:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Checklist Items.
  3. Click on the name of the Checklist item in question. This opens the Checklist item setup page.
  4. Locate the section titled Which volunteers should this item apply to? This is where you can see (or modify) which volunteers the selected Checklist item will apply to.

    If there is a particular volunteer whose Checklist does not include the selected Checklist item, compare the settings under Which volunteers should this item apply to? to the settings in the volunteer record.

    For example, if the Checklist item is setup to apply to volunteers only if their Status is Active, then the selected item will not appear on the Checklist for a volunteer whose Status is currently something other than Active (changing the volunteer's Status to Active will cause the item to appear in this example).

  5. If you make any changes to the Checklist item setup page, click the Save button.

If your Volgistics menu does not have the Setup option, you should ask your organization's Volgistics Administrator to check or modify the Checklist item you're interested in.

If you change the settings under Which volunteers should this item apply to? the system will automatically adjust each volunteer's Checklist so that the appropriate items are listed based on your new settings.