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Combine Awards

Combining Awards

Use the Award setup page to combine one Award you track in Volgistics with another Award. If you're not already on an Award setup page, you can get there by following these steps:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Awards.
  3. Click the name of an Award you want to combine with another.

Combining Awards is appropriate when you find that your account uses two Awards to track the same volunteer accomplishment. This can happen when system operators inadvertently create more than one Award to track the same thing. In this case, even though they have all achieved the same thing, some volunteers may have Award dates for one Award, while others may have Award dates for another Award. Combining Awards allows you to remedy this situation.

To combine Awards, scroll to the Combine section of the Award setup page for the Award you want to combine with another Award. Find the Combine this award with dropdown field, and select the Award with which this Award should be combined. Then click the Combine button. A warning stating that this Award will be combined with the other Award will appear. Click the OK button to proceed with combining the Awards.

What happens when you combine Awards?

When you are on the Award setup page for Award "A" and you choose to combine it with Award "B", Award "A" will be removed from the system. It will no longer appear on the list of Awards that is displayed when you choose Setup from the main menu and then click on Awards; it will not appear on the Checklist page; and it will not appear on the Awards list in the Checklist box on volunteers' History tabs. In addition, any volunteers who had a date on their History tab for Award "A" will now have this Award date for Award "B" instead.

The setup for Award "B" will remain the same, so any volunteers who were queued as eligible to receive Award "B" will still see Award "B" listed on their Awards list on the History tab.

Note that the system does not perform any check to determine whether the rules for Award "A" are the same as those for Award "B" (and the rules are not merged in any way), so the rules for Award "B" will prevail when the Awards are combined.

Combining Awards