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Update Site Selection

The Site Selection page allows you to control how your online volunteer application forms interact with the Sites set up in your account. If you are not already on the Site Selection page, you get there by following these steps:

  1. Select Setup on the menu.
  2. Expand Application Forms.
  3. Select the name of an application form or click Create a Form to start a new form.
  4. Click the Site Selection link.

The Site Selection field for application forms will function differently depending on if your account has Site Level Access enabled or not.

Site Level Access Is Not Enabled

If your account is not using Site Level Access, the settings on this page will not make much difference. This is because volunteers will not be assigned to a certain Site based on their selections on the application form, and all System Operators are essentially Headquarters Operators because they already have access to all the Sites in your account.

The exception to this is if you use the This application is for this Site only settings to make the application form apply to one specific Site. While this will not limit System Operator access to the form or assign volunteers to a specific Site, it will limit the Assignments that appear in the Assignment Preference field to just Assignments from the Site specified. The Limit an application to just one Site section of the Show Only Certain Assignments for Assignment Preferences help topic explains more.

Site Level Access Is Enabled

If you use the Site Level Access feature, this page is where you control which Site(s) will receive applications submitted through an application form. With the Site Level Access option, you need to decide who should receive new volunteer applications. In some cases, organizations want applications to be submitted without being associated with a Site. In others, applications should be directed to one particular Site. While in others, the application should be available to multiple Sites such as if the applicant is interested in Assignments at more than one Site.

Please keep in mind that your account can create multiple application forms so this setting will only affect the specific form you're working with. Other forms can be configured with different settings so those will behave differently.

Applicants will not select a Site. Send all applications to headquarters

Choose this option if you would like all newly submitted volunteer application forms to be delivered to the Headquarters Operator's mailbox only. Site-Level and Multi-Site Operators will not receive applications submitted if the form is set up like this.

This application is for this Site only

If this volunteer application form is for a single Site, choose this option and then select the Site's name from the list of Sites. With this option selected, applications submitted through this volunteer application form will appear in the selected Site's Volgistics mailbox.

Note that if your application form is configured to bypass auditing, the Site will automatically be added to the applicant's record when the form is submitted.

Determine applicant's Site(s) based on their choice of...

If your application form includes any Preference fields, you can configure this volunteer application form so that newly submitted applications appear in the Volgistics mailboxes for each of the Site's that match the applicant's selections on the form. Or if the application is set up to bypass auditing, the Site(s) will be added to the volunteer's record automatically based on the applicant's choices.

Preference fields can be based on Sites, Places, Assignments, Assignment Clusters, states, Characteristics, or the customizable fields in the Detail box on the Assignment record.

For example, if a multi-county organization has a Volgistics Site for each of their counties, and they create a Preference field based on Sites, they can allow applicants to choose the county (or counties) where they would prefer to serve. If the organization sets up the Preference field so applicants can choose only one county, application forms will go only to the mailbox for the Site (county) selected on the form by the applicant. If the organization sets up the Preference field so applicants can choose more than one Site (county), application forms will go to each of the mailboxes for each of the Sites (counties) selected on the form by the applicant.

Similarly, if an organization makes a Preference field based on another field such as the State field, they can choose to have the applicant's Site(s) apply based on that field. In this case, the completed application will will go to the mailbox for each Site that has an Assignment with a state recorded that matches the applicant's choice.

You can learn more about how application forms work with the Site Level Access feature in the Application Forms and Site Level Access help topic.

Headquarters Operators

Regardless of which option you select for your application form, the forms will always be available to Headquarters Operators also. Headquarters operators can select All Sites or the name of a specific Site from the dropdown on the Applications tab of their mailbox to see applications submitted for specified Sites. Additionally, Headquarters Operators will see a Site(s) column on their Applications tab which will list each applicant's associated Sites.

For more information, see the Headquarters may see the form section of the Application Forms and Site Level Access help topic.

Be sure to click the Save button to save your changes to the Site selection page if you've changed any settings. If you did not make changes or do not wish to keep the changes, click the Cancel button to close the page.