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Update Receipt Confirmation Messages

When a prospective volunteer submits one of your online application forms, they will be presented with a message acknowledging their form submissions, and you can optionally have a confirmation email sent to them as well. These messages can be configured and customized on the Receipt Confirmation setup page for each of your online forms. You can access this page for an application form using these steps:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Application Forms.
  3. Select the name of a current form or click Create a Form to start a new form.
  4. Click the Receipt Confirmation link.

Below is a breakdown of the settings you will find on the Receipt Confirmation setup page.

Receipt Confirmation Message

This section allows you to tailor the page that applicants see after they have successfully submitted their application form. This page will typically thank the prospective volunteer for applying, let them know that you've received their form, and provide them with information about what will happen next in the application process.

Enter a Heading for Your Acknowledgement Message Here

Enter the heading you want to appear on this page. This is typically something like 'Thank you,' 'Finished!,' or 'Complete.'

Enter or Paste Your Acknowledgement Message Here

Enter the message you want to appear on this page. It's a good idea to confirm that you have received their application form and to provide some more information about what the applicant should expect next. For example, you might let the applicant know that you'll be in contact with them once you've reviewed their application and will set up a time for them to attend a volunteer orientation class.

This message field will include rich text formatting options to help you organize your message and add emphasis and clarity. You can learn more about these options in the Using the Rich Text Editor help topic.

Automatic Email Confirmation

You can optionally choose to have Volgistics send an automatic email confirmation to new applicants after they submit your online application form. This is a great way to provide new applicants with more details about what they should expect moving forward with your application process and to provide more information about your volunteer program. Since this is sent as an email, the applicant can always go back and re-open the email to review that information, unlike the on-page confirmation message explained in the section above.

In order to send a receipt confirmation email both of the following must apply:

  • Your application form must include the Email field from the Core tab.
  • The applicant must have entered a valid email address on their application form in the Email field.

The Volgistics system generally sends these confirmation emails within a few minutes of the applicant submitting the form.

Who Should These Confirmation Email Messages Be From

This field lets you designate the name you'd like to appear as the sender of the receipt confirmation email message. For example, you could choose to enter the name of your organization or the name of the individual that will be managing new volunteers.

What "Reply To" Email Address Should Your Acknowledgement Email Have

Enter the email address you want to appear as the reply-to address for these email messages. If an applicant replies to the receipt confirmation email, this is the email address their reply will be sent to, so you should enter the email address for the individual or department that will handle bringing in new volunteers to your program.

What Should the Subject of Your Confirmation Email Message Be?

Enter the subject you'd like to use for these confirmation emails. For example, you could use 'Volunteer application acknowledgement,' 'We have received your volunteer application form,' or 'Thank you for volunteering.'

Enter or Paste the Content of the Email Confirmation Message Here

Compose the message that you want to send to the new applicants. This is where you would typically thank the recipient for their application, provide more details about the next steps in the application process, and give more information about your program and team. For example, you could let the volunteer know who will be reviewing their application form and that this individual will be in contact with them soon to conduct further onboarding procedures.

You will compose your message using a rich text editor. The options in the editor will let you add custom formatting to the content of your message. The Using the Rich Text Editor help topic provides more information about the formatting options available to you.

Click the Save button to keep the changes you've made, or the Cancel button to close the page without saving your changes.

Volgistics 101: Customizing Volunteer Application Forms