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Print a Blank Application

How to Print a Blank Volunteer Application Form

The online volunteer application forms in Volgistics allow you to collect information from prospective volunteers and have the information they enter on the form automatically transfer to a volunteer record in your account. This is a great way to streamline the application process because you will not need to manually enter the volunteer's information into your account.

However, there may be times when you need a paper application for prospective volunteers to fill out. For example, if the prospective volunteer does not have access to the internet, or you are going to a volunteer fair where you want to hand out applications. In these cases, you can print paper copies of your online application form.

Once the applicant fills out the paper form, a System Operator for your account will need to manually enter the applicant's information into your account if you want to track the volunteer using Volgistics.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Depending how your web browser is set up, printing the application may require the Acrobat Reader program. This is available for free from Adobe. If this program is not already installed on your computer, you can download Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site at

Here is how you can print a blank copy of your application form.

  1. Select Setup from the menu.
  2. Expand Application Forms.
  3. Select the form you wish to print.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the form's setup page and click the Print button.

At this point, the Volgistics system will create a PDF file for your blank application form.

You will see different things after the system creates the PDF file depending on your web browser and its settings.

  • If your web browser is setup to use Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, the PDF copy of the form will open in the Acrobat Reader program. In this case, you will use the options within Acrobat Reader to save and/or print the form.
  • If your web browser uses a built-in PDF viewer, your form will open in a new tab. In this case, you will need to use the viewer's tools to save or print the file.

Please note: There are some instances where built-in PDF viewers do not pull up the PDF file. If you just get a page loading icon and the page never loads, you will need to disable the PDF viewer in your web browser. You can find directions on how to do this in Cannot Open PDF File.

  • If your web browser is setup to download or save PDF files, you will need to go to the location the file was downloaded or saved to. Once you locate the file, you can open it from the saved location in order to print your blank form.
How to Print a Blank Volunteer Application Form