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Applicant Information on Volunteer Records

Once you receive a new online volunteer application form you're ready to begin working in the new applicant's volunteer record. This help topic explains where to find the various pieces of information you collected on the application form.

Keep in mind that when you view a new applicant's information in your Volgistics database, you're viewing the volunteer record created by the application form submission rather than the application form itself. The information is the same as when the applicant entered it, but now it's organized into a standard volunteer record so you can begin tracking the applicant as you do all your other volunteers.

In other words, online visitors to your web site probably see your online application form as a series of fields and/or questions on a single web page, presented in a way that makes it easy for them to understand what information you want them to enter. But when you look at their submitted information, you see it in the form of a standard volunteer record, organized on the usual tabs (Core tab, Profile tab, Schedule tab, etc.). This might sound a bit complicated, but it's really quite straight forward.

Where Application Form Fields Go

This kind of information on the application form... ...appears on this tab in the volunteer's record
Core Tab Fields Core Tab
Profile Tab Fields Profile Tab
Assignment Preference Choices Profile Tab and Service Tab (if you have Roles automatically given based on selections)
Schedule Fields Schedule Tab
Comment Fields Notes Tab
Contact Fields (e.g. Emergency contacts, Employer, Parent, References, etc.) Contacts Tab
Completed Application or uploaded documents Docs Tab