To post your intern or volunteer hours, please follow these steps:
1. Type your login name, which is your email address. For example:
2. Type your password. For example: 123456
3. Click on the GO button
Please take the time to update any of your information that you find in this program.
If you wish to change your password to something that is easier to remember, you still need to follow the first 3 steps, then click on the ACCOUNT tab across the top of the screen and follow the instructions to change your password. Be sure to click on the SAVE button after you type your new password twice.
To put recent hours you have volunteered on your time sheet, click on the POST YOUR HOURS button, along the left side of your screen. Or you may click on TIME SHEET from the tabs across the top of your screen. Next, click on the down arrows of the Month, Day, Year, Assignment, Hours and Minutes to update time you worked. Once you have entered this information, click on the CONTINUE button.
Now you may confirm or change the information you just entered.If you click YES, you will be given the option to add Hours for another Day or Time when you volunteered. If you click NO, you will be able to change information you just entered.
Before you exit the program, please click on the MY PROFILE tab along the top of the screen to review, and, if necessary, update your Contact Information, Skills, Availability or Assignment Preferences. Be sure to click on the SAVE button if you make any changes.
When you are finished, click the EXIT button.
If you experience problems accessing your record, please contact Brittany Farmer at or 314-512-9031.

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