VicTouch Startup
VicTouch is the touch screen kiosk program you use with Volgistics to provide on-site time clock, scheduling, and communication features for volunteers. You need a Volgistics account in order to use VicTouch. To get a Volgistics account, or to learn more about Volgistics visit

It's best to run VicTouch at a dedicated, touch screen equipped computer. For trial purposes, you can use VicTouch without a touch screen monitor at any computer. Simply use your mouse to simulate screen touches.

To start VicTouch you must be an authorized Volgistics operator, and enter your regular Volgistics login name and password on this page. Once you've started VicTouch you can continue to use your Volgistics login name and password to access the Volgistics system as usual.

For the most reliable and secure experience, we recommend launching VicTouch in kiosk mode or locking in the login screen. You can learn about the recommended options for launching VicTouch in the Set Up a VicTouch Station section of help topic 1184 "Getting Started with VicTouch."
To start VicTouch at this computer, enter your Volgistics account number, login name, and password; and then click the Continue button.
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