Thank you for thinking of Helpline House! Community service is a great way to build your work experience, lend a hand and make our Island a better place. Your community service hours are tracked when you sign-in on the clipboard. They are then recorded and made available upon advanced notice. You may contact our Volunteer Services Office on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm.

Please email questions and comments to Kerry Lavigne, our Volunteer Services Manager at

NOTE: Helpline House student volunteers must be at least 14 years of age or entering high school.  If you have received services from Helpline House in the past 12 months, please email for further information. 


We communicate primarily by email to schedule a tour, training shift(s) and next steps.


Why have you selected Helpline House for your service?


Tell us what you believe you might enjoy doing at Helpline House.


Note: Please indicate the times you are available during the day for a minimum of a one hour shift. Beginning in the fall, student volunteer shifts are typically after school 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm. (Helpline House is closed on Wednesdays and weekends.)


High school student volunteers are also offered opportunities after the school year concludes (from June-September) to build work skills, volunteer regularly and/or volunteer for special projects. Summer shifts offer several options: 2 hour shifts, 3 hour shifts and occasional or weekly assignments. Please note if you wish to be contacted to volunteer this summer and indicate your availability.


All volunteer work requires the ability to stand and be physically active and lift bag/boxes of food averaging 40 pounds. Do you have any physical conditions that may limit your volunteer activities? If yes, please describe.


Have you ever done volunteer work? If so, where? What did you do?


Describe any education/training, skills or paid work experience that you envision would be useful at Helpline House.

PARENT PERMISSION For Applicants under age 18

By providing your contact information below, you give permission for your child to volunteer at Helpline House. I understand that my son/daughter will be lifting up to 40 pounds and that he/she will be supervised by an adult.


Opt in/Count me out

Permission – Use of Photographs I grant permission to use individual and group volunteer photographs, films and videos of my child for promotional or other uses furthering the mission of Helpline House, including use on the Helpline House website.

Helpline House takes photos for the sole purpose of promoting community involvement and to say thank you. We display these photos in our promotional print and social media and thank you cards. Please let us know if you WOULD NOT like us to use your photo by typing: Count Me Out.

Community Service Hours Tracking

Your community service hours are tracked on the sign-in clipboard. They are recorded and available upon advanced notice. Please email your request to Kerry Lavigne, Volunteer Services Manager at


I, the applicant, understand that as a volunteer (unpaid) staff member of Helpline House, I may encounter information of a confidential nature regarding clients or staff. I agree to abide by the policy of the Agency which specifies that for the protection of the applicants and recipients of assistance, I may not disclose the contents of any records, files, papers, or communications except for the purposes directly connected with the administration of the Helpline House program.