Thank you for your desire to invest in Latino youth!

The questions below will help us to get to know you and match you with a student.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency, whom should we notify?


Please help us get a better idea of the make-up of our volunteers by completing this demographic section. If you are not currently employed, please write "not working."



What YA! Program site do you prefer?

Please let us know if you would prefer to be a Coach for YA! Minneapolis or YA! St. Paul. We will do our best to place you at your preferred site.

Tell us about yourself

Why do you want to become a Coach?


Please tell us about your qualities, skills, training, experience, or other attributes that may benefit a youth.

Health History

Do you have any health-related concerns which could affect your ability to perform the activities expected of you as a Coach, or ensure the safety of the student in your care, especially in the event of an emergency? If so, please explain.

Background Information

Have you ever been...

Personal Reference

Please provide us with a personal reference that is not a family member, and can speak to your character.

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My consent begins on the date I sign this form and lasts for the duration of the time I am volunteering at CLUES.