Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Teen Exhibit Guide at Da Vinci Science Center.

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Please choose all shifts you would be available for. If selected you will have one weekly volunteer shift throughout the summer.

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Statement of Interest Questions

Answer all three questions; each response should be a minimum of 100 words. This is your opportunity to share your interests, talents, and unique personality with us. Please be thorough. Applicants will be selected for an interview based on their application.

Statement of Interest Question 1

Why do you want to volunteer at Da Vinci Science Center? What are you interested in learning from this experience?

Statement of interest Question 2

This program requires students to display a variety of traits: responsibility, enthusiasm for learning, good listening skills, patience, and teamwork. Choose two traits from this list and describe ways you display them in the classroom or in an after school activity.

Statement of Interest Question 3

Describe why having fun while learning is important to you.

Alternate Position

If you would like to be considered for an additional position please indicate which one in the drop down menu.

Electronic Parent/ Guardian Signature

I understand that my child wishes to be considered for volunteer work and I hereby give my permission for my child to serve in that capacity if accepted into Da Vinci Science Center's volunteer program.

I understand that it is my child's responsibility to schedule and attend an interview, and if accepted into the program to participate in required training.

I understand that the Da Vinci Science Center's volunteer management staff will determine, in its sole discretion, whether a particular assignment is appropriate for my child. My child may be reassigned to a different department or a new assignment at any time.

Volunteer Agreement

The skill-sets of the applicant will be compared to those skill-sets needed to fulfill current volunteer positions. Placement will be made based on the recommendation of the volunteer staff and the applicant's prospective supervisor, and the willingness and ability of the applicant to perform the required duties at the times needed by the science center.

I certify that I have answered truthfully and have not knowingly withheld any information relative to my application. I understand that any misrepresentation or material omission of the application will result in my being eliminated from further consideration. I further understand that, if accepted, any misrepresentation on written applications or in interviews that becomes known to Da Vinci Science Center may result in immediate dismissal.

I release Da Vinci Science Center and all previous employers and supervisors from liability for any damages that may result from furnishing information to Da Vinci Science Center.

I acknowledge and agree that I offer my services as a volunteer at my own initiative and for humanitarian purposes, without promise, expectation or receipt of pay or future employment.

I understand that I will be required to attend an orientation, and training.

I agree to abide by existing and future instruction, rules and policies of Da Vinci Science Center. I understand that my position can be terminated at any time, at the option of either Da Vinci Science Center or myself.