Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a North Coast Opportunities Volunteer Network volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

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NCO Volunteer Network: Volunteer Agreement

By checking the box below, I understand that I am not an employee of AmeriCorps Senior or The Volunteer Network, the sponsor, the volunteer station or the Federal Government and agree to serve without compensation. I further agree that if II use my personal automobile (if applicable) to and from my volunteer work station, I will arrange to keep in effect automobile liability insurance equal to or greater than the minimum required by the state.


All Humboldt County employees and volunteers are required to protect every patron's right to privacy. This includes keeping confidential records and information maintained for the purpose of identifying the community members as well as information of their needs.

Staff and volunteers are also expected to keep other information confidential such as keyed access codes, database logins, and personal contact information of staff, volunteers and the identity of anonymous donors. Staff and volunteers working under Humboldt County Volunteer sites/request must sign and adhere to this policy of confidentiality.


As a Humboldt County or NCO Volunteer Network staff person or volunteer, I understand and agree to the "Staff and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement" as described above. I also understand that violating this policy may result in disciplinary measures, up to and including termination from my employment or if I am a volunteer, may result in my dismissal from my volunteer position.