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Looking for Coaches

The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council (MASRC) is now accepting applications for COACH volunteer positions. Positions are available for the various sports held at the 2020 North American Indigenous Games.

The MASRC is the recognized Province/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Body (P/TASB) that oversees the operations of Team Manitoba, which will be comprised of approximately 400 athletes, 80 managers/coaches/chaperones and 20 mission staff. The team will be managed by the Mission Staff (MASRC appointed representatives, NAIG Manager, NAIG Manitoba Committee and Sport Managers), whose main responsibility will be to oversee all aspects of team operations and logistics.

Coach Position Description

In conjunction with MASRC staff and respective Sport Managers, coaching staff are required to participate in all aspects of team selection, training, supervision, and guidance of athletes attending the Games. Coaching staff are required to abide by the policies; rules and regulations; and other guidelines handed down by the MASRC, the NAIG Council, and the NAIG Host Society. Coaching staff will consist of a Head Coach and a support staff - either Assistant Coach or Trainers (all selected through an application process).

General Roles & Responsibilities

Pre-Games: Assist with athlete identification camps, qualifying events/camps, and athlete registration. Provide ongoing athlete training and monitoring from selection to competition. This includes organizing opportunities for teams/individuals to practice and conducting the practices.
Games-time: Mentorship, supervision and evaluation. In partnership with the manager/chaperones, 24/7 supervision of the athletes is required. The coach in partnership with the manager/chaperones will also be doing perimeter and bed checks at curfew.
Post-Games: A written evaluation of all aspects of Team operations relating to coaching staff duties, responsibilities and general event overview.


Must be at least 20 years of age when application is submitted
Must be of good character
Must be physically fit (Ability to stand for long periods of time, walking long distances)
NCCP Certification in their respective sport (all sports have different requirements for Head and Assistant coaches). ALL coaches must have NCCP certification.
Aboriginal Coaching Module (ACM) certification
Respect in Sport certification (available online only)
First Aid/CPR is an asset
Valid Driver’s License is an asset
Preference will be given to Coaches/Sport Managers of indigenous descent (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit).

You CANNOT coach a team that your child/grandchild/sibling is eligible to compete on.

If selected as a coach for NAIG 2020, criminal record and child abuse checks will be required.

Personal Info

Emergency Contact Info

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Sport Preference

From the list below, please state which sport(s) you are interested in coaching.

3D Archery
Box Lacrosse

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Development Camps

MASRC is interested in running development camps this summer for our athletes.
Would you be interested in running a weekend development camp this summer? If so, please specify which weekend(s) would work.


Please provide a brief description of past/present coaching experiences.


Please list two references to verify your skills and abilities.
[Both cannot be family and MASRC staff are not eligible for references.]

MASRC Newsletter

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I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a coach, and that there may be certain qualifications I must meet.
If selected, I will provide MASRC with my Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check.
By submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate.