Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MCC Thrift at Portage MCC Thrift Shop. We look forward to getting to know you!

Name and Address

Volunteer/Work Experience

Please briefly describe your work experience in the last 5 years. This helps us get to know you and which skills you might possess.


Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

Email Preferences

We like to keep volunteers informed of important Thrift news, schedules, and volunteer opportunities by email.

Areas of Interest

Please indicate your area of interest at Portage MCC Thrift Shop. This helps us determine which volunteer position would be a good fit for you!

(ie. Household, Clothing, Retail Floor, Furniture, Quilting & Upcycling)

Emergency Contact


Not family, include name, phone number and relationship to you (at least 2)

Health and Safety

MCC is committed to the safe and successful placement for our volunteers. Please inform us of your accommodation needs due to illness or disability during the application process.

Portage MCC Thrift Shop Mission Statement

Portage MCC exists for the purpose of:

* Generating resources for MCC and the local community,

* Providing the community with opportunities to serve in the name of Christ and to donate items for re-use, and

* Making affordable goods available to those in need.

Statement of Expectations for Volunteers and Staff

Portage MCC welcomes volunteers. It is an organization based on Christian values and principles and seeks to demonstrate these values and principles in its business dealings and relationships.

* Volunteers are expected to be respectful and charitable when interacting with one another and with customers, donors and service people. They are expected to either contribute to a Christian spirit in the organization or not detract from it.

* The General Manager is the person who directs all operations. Suggestions, complaints and questions should be directed to the General Manager. In a case where that proves unsatisfactory, concerns may be directed to the Board Chair.

* Merchandise is not to be removed from the store unless it is paid for or its removal is approved by the General Manager.

* Clothing/footwear may be taken home without being paid for up to two weeks. This shall be recorded by the volunteer/staff taking the article in the “try on” file box located in either Break Room.

* Purchases during non-business hours are limited to volunteers/staff and their immediate families.

* Purchases for re-sale are limited to business hours in the store.

* Volunteers collecting articles for further donation shall first obtain the General Manager’s permission. Such articles, if not paid for at normal Thrift Shop prices, must be first categorized as non-saleable.

* An article categorized as non-saleable or garbage may not be removed from either store by the volunteer/staff member making that decision, so as to avoid a conflict of interest.

* A Portage MCC Policy Manual is available to all volunteers and staff in either Break Room.

* Volunteers are not covered by Worker’s Compensation benefits.

I have read and understand the Portage MCC Thrift Shop "Mission Statement" and the “Statement of Expectations of Volunteers and Staff”, and agree to abide by them.