Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Joplin Humane Society volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Basic Information

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Pledge

Believing that the Joplin Humane Society has a real need of my services as a volunteer worker, I agree that I will follow the JHS’s policies for my own safety, the safety of the public, other staff, and the animals.

Please read each statement:

Volunteering at the shelter, I will attend General Orientation.
If under 16, I must have an adult with me at all times who has also attended General Orientation session.
I will only walk dogs after I have completed training and the dogs have had behavior assessments.
I will not handle kittens or puppies without staff direction.
I will not enter Stray Holding or the ICU unless directed by a staff member. I will not walk dogs that I feel are stronger than I can handle.
I will wash my hands after handling individual animals.
I will ask for guidance before giving out extra food and treats. If a dog relieves itself while I am with it, I will clean up the mess.
I will sign in and out each time I volunteer.
I will wear my personal identification badge while volunteering. I will not attempt to train an animal without guidance from the staff.
I will never harshly discipline, raise my voice or hit an animal.
I will dress appropriately and safely for animal care, in clothing that is comfortable, may get dirty, and will only wear close-toed shoes or sneakers and long pants.
If bitten or scratched, I will wash the wound with soap and water and notify a supervisor immediately. I will accept supervision and direction from staff graciously.
I will conduct myself with dignity, courtesy, and consideration.
I will endeavor to make my work the highest quality.
I will serve as a goodwill ambassador and interpreter for the JHS and its services in the community-at-large.
I will take any problems, criticisms, or suggestions to JHS management.
I will hold harmless the JHS for any injury to me or to others as well as for damage to mine or other’s property while I am volunteering.
I acknowledge that I have read and agree to adhere to the above guidelines.
I understand that the AARC reserves the right to terminate my volunteer status if I violate these guidelines. By signing this application, I am making a serious commitment to the Animal Adoption & Resource Centering its pursuits.