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For Our Friends Who Volunteer In The Park


Your help and support is very important to us.
These policies help to ensure the safety of all our Friends volunteers, visitors, and staff.

Certain volunteering activities in the park may require additional qualifications, including background checks and training, before beginning participation. The level of involvement and the type of volunteer activity dictate how these policies may apply to individual Friends.

• Volunteers perform service without compensation and are not considered employees of the State of Delaware. The Division of Parks and Recreation does not provide Worker’s Compensation or any other insurance coverage for volunteers. As a volunteer I will not attempt work that is beyond my abilities or for which I have not been assigned, trained, or authorized. I further understand that photographs may be taken at park events and I give my permission to the Division of Parks and Recreation and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to utilize my photographs in future publications, promotional materials and exhibits.

• The Division of Parks and Recreation (henceforth referred to as the Division) cannot guarantee volunteer placement. The Division will, however, make every effort to match volunteer applicants to volunteer opportunities based on the needs of the Division and the interests and abilities of the volunteer.

• The Division employs a screening process for all individual volunteers based on the nature of the volunteer work and involvement level of the participant. Volunteers working with children or vulnerable populations, money, vehicles, data and information management, black powder, or in a supervisory capacity will be required to undergo a Background Investigation conducted by the Division as a part of the screening process.

• Acceptance as an individual volunteer is contingent upon successful completion at all levels of screening.

• The Division reserves the right to disallow volunteer candidates for any reason which the Division, in its sole judgment, determines may affect the best interests of the Division. The Division reserves the right to withhold the reason(s) for such refusal.

• The Division accepts the service of all volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the Division. Volunteers agree that the Division and the Volunteer may at any time, for any reason, decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the Division. Notice of such a decision should be communicated as soon as possible to the volunteer’s supervisor.

If I volunteer in the park, I agree

- I understand the risks involved with being a volunteer for Delaware State Parks and acknowledge that neither the State of Delaware, nor the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, nor the Division of Parks & Recreation, nor any state employee or volunteer leader, will assume financial liability for any injury or illness that I, or any member in attendance with me, might incur while performing voluntary service for the Division of Parks and Recreation.