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1. The interview and review process begin upon receipt of completed application so timely submission is encouraged.

2. NO DEADLINES: Applications are accepted throughout the year until all positions are filled.

Positions listed on Website as available are still open and will continue to interview until all available slots have been filled.

3. Summer positions fill quickly- early application is suggested.

4. Start and end dates are flexible.

5. Positions are filled upon successful interview and completion of criminal history background check conducted by the Division.

6. Delaware State Parks encourages candidates of all abilities to apply. The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce.

7. All interns must adhere to COVID-19 Safety Measures in Delaware State Parks. The COVID 19 Volunteer Policy can be found here

8. Effective October 11, 2021, the State of Delaware requires all volunteer intern staff, to provide certification of COVIDvaccination or submit to COVID weekly testing. 

Questions? Contact: 302-739-9183

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Delaware State Parks has limited housing accomodations available throughout our parks system. Accomodations are offered first come first serve. Housing is offered at no cost to interns in our program.

NOTE: Due to the pandemic- Intern housing is limited and contingent upon required containment and safety measures.

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Internship Policy


SUMMARY: Delaware State Park Internship Program provides opportunities for qualified students and career focused graduates to apply learned theory and experience to practical situations and observe the organization up close. A quality field experience facilitates and enhances the educational and vocational process. The DELAWARE STATE PARKS internship is a training program that provides practical work experience and valuable training in the many and varied careers in the State Park Service.

1. As a training program, Interns are assigned to a specific site and Field Expert who will mentor and supervise the intern activities. Interns are expected to work closely with their Field Expert to design an individual plan detailing internship duties and requirements including daily schedules, responsibilities and the duration of the internship.

2. It is the intern’s responsibility to ensure that all academic provision and requirements are fulfilled during the internship. For the internship experience to benefit of the intern, participation in all orientation and training programs is expected. Monthly reports and submission of a completed project demonstrating learning experience are required at the conclusion of the internship.

3. Interns serve as a representative of Delaware State Parks and are expected to learn about and uphold the agency’s policies, programs and to comply with the expectations set forth by your supervisor including dress code, conduct and customer service standards.

4. At no time shall the intern displace regular employees. Interns serve under close supervision of Field Expert and park staff.

5. Interns are considered volunteers in Delaware State Parks, and as such are not considered employees of the State of Delaware. The Division of Parks and Recreation does not provide Worker’s Compensation or any other insurance coverage for volunteers or interns.

6. Interns are not entitled to wages or payment for the time spent in the internship. Some Interns receive a stipend paid to help with living expenses, but this in no way alters the volunteer nature of neither the intern’s service nor the intern’s status as a volunteer and not an employee of State of Delaware. No taxes are withheld from the living allowance. A Form 1099 will be sent at the end of the year reporting the stipend income. Though not a wage it does count towards total income on which tax obligation is based.

7. The intern understands that there is no expectation for paid employment with DELAWARE STATE PARKS at the conclusion of the internship;

8. Interns in all positions are required to undergo and successfully pass a Background Investigation conducted by the Division as a part of the screening process.

9. Acceptance as an Intern is contingent upon successful completion at all levels of screening.

10. Only United States Citizens or those eligible to work in the United states with a US Social Security number may participate in the Delaware State Parks Internship Program.

11. The Division reserves the right to reject a candidate for any reason which the Division, in its sole judgment, determines will or may affect the best interests of the Division. Furthermore, the Division reserves the right to withhold the reason(s) for such refusal.

12. The Division of Parks and Recreation accepts the service of all Interns with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the Division. Interns agree that the Division and the Intern may at any time, for any reason, decide to terminate the Intern’s relationship with the Division. Notice of such a decision should be communicated in writing as soon as possible.

13. All volunteers must adhere to COVID-19 Safety Measures in Delaware State Parks. The COVID 19 Volunteer Policy can be found here

14. Effective October 11, 2021, the State ofDelaware requires all volunteer staff to provide certification of COVIDvaccination or COVID weekly testing. 


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• I certify that all of the statements made in this application are true, correct, and complete, to the best of my knowledge, and are made in good faith.

• I certify that I have read and understand the policies and information contained in this application that govern participation as an Intern with DELAWARE STATE PARKS and that I consent to and freely apply to become a program participant.

• I understand that misinformation or omission of information could result in disqualification and/or termination from the program.

• I also understand that a background and security check will be conducted at no fee to me. I will be contacted by Delaware State Parks to obtain authorization to conduct this criminal history verification. Should you be denied acceptance to the program as a result of this investigation, you will be notified and a copy of the report sent to you.

• The principal purpose for requesting this personal information is to process your application for acceptance into the program, and for other general routine purposes associated with your participation in a DELAWARE STATE PARKS INTERN PROGRAM. The information will not otherwise be disclosed to entities outside of DELAWARE STATE PARKS without your prior written permission.

• I understand and voluntarily assume the risks involved in being a volunteer for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

• I release DNREC from any liability arising out of my participation as a volunteer. I hereby waive the right to file any and all claims for compensation or damages against DNREC, and any state employee or contractor for any loss or injury sustained during the course of volunteer activities.

• Volunteers are not considered employees of the State of Delaware. DNREC does not provide Worker’s Compensation or any other insurance coverage for volunteers.

• I agree to provide service as a volunteer without compensation and to adhere to DNREC rules and procedures and will not attempt work that is beyond my abilities or for which I have not been assigned, trained or authorized.

• I understand that photographs may be taken at events and I give my permission to DNREC to utilize my photographs in future publications, promotional materials and exhibits.

• I certify that I have read and understand this Waiver of Liability form and that I am signing it because I wish to proceed as a volunteer under these terms and conditions.