Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer Zoo Docent within the Wildlife Conservation Society's Queens Zoo Education Department. Fields marked * are required. Once you complete the application form, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Program Requirements

Volunteer for the education department at the Queens Zoo and dive into a world of wildlife conservation. The mission of the Wildlife Conservation Society is to save wildlife and wild places. In education, we achieve this by inspiring people through hands-on, inquiry-based experiences. These experiences are set alongside our magnificent wild animal collection here at the Queens Zoo. Our volunteers educate the public who visit the Zoo about wildlife in the park and the need for wildlife conservation around the world. Docents are asked to lead tours for school groups, talk to general visitors, among many other educational opportunities.

Volunteers do not help care for zoo animals or handle zoo animals. In addition, the volunteer program cannot offer you assistance in getting a paid job at the Queens Zoo. The Human Resources Department of the Wildlife Conservation Society is the department charged with processing applications for paid employment. As a volunteer you would have to relinquish your volunteer position should you secure a paid position within the Society.

Requirements for Queens Zoo Docents

* Applicants must be 20 years-of-age or older

* Applicants must participate in our training program. Which will take place in Winter 2019 (Jan/Feb) .

* Applicants must successfully complete all required sessions of the training program. Each session covers basic animal science, ecology concepts, wildlife conservation, and interpretation skills. Instructors and staff of the Wildlife Conservation Society will teach the required classes.

* Applicants are asked to purchase a volunteer uniform and materials related to the training course ($25). This fee is suggested to cover costs but not required.

* Upon successful completion of the training course, a minimum commitment of 1-year of service is expected.

* Time commitments vary from position to position.

* Adult Volunteer applicants are also subject to a criminal background check.

**Please carefully consider all of these requirements before submitting your application.

Personal Information


Please describe your availability and preference for day and time to volunteer.

Volunteer Interest

Why do you want to volunteer at the Queens Zoo, what you hope to gain from the experience, and what you feel you can contribute to our organization. Please limit your response to 200 words.

Experience - Groups

Do you have any experience working with groups? If yes, please describe in what capacity (leading tours, teaching classes, skill building, supervisory, etc.) and the approximate ages of groups you've worked with.

Experience - Public Interaction

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 = "Not at all" and 10 = "Love to"), how comfortable are you approaching people and engaging them in conversation?

Experience - Public Speaking

Do you have any experience with public speaking? If yes, please describe

Experience - Special Skills

Please list any experience or special skills that you believe would be useful. For example, foreign language, teaching, etc.

Experience - Volunteering

Do you have any past or present volunteer experience? If yes, please describe


Please provide contact information for 2 people who have known you for a minimum of three years or more. One reference MUST be a person who has worked with you in a professional capacity.

Agrement Statement

By checking this box, I state that I am 20 years-of-age or older. If accepted as a Queens Zoo Zoo volunteer, I agree to commit to 1 year-of-service and be available to volunteer on my assigned days. I understand that I will be asked to pay an optional fee for a volunteer uniform and materials related to the training course ($25) and that I will have NO direct contact with animals. I also understand that I commit to attend 3-4 training sessions in January and February.