Please complete this application form if you are interested in observing at Turnstone. Observation at Turnstone means to see or learn something by watching and noting for a special purpose. Observation times must be scheduled through the HR/Volunteer Coordinator at least four to six weeks in advance. By submitting this form you agree and understand that you will be OBSERVING ONLY and there will be NO hands on involvement with the program or participants. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

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Requirement - Mandatory Mantoux

In compliance with government guidelines and Turnstone’s TB control policy, anyone involved in providing services or interacting with our clients on a professional basis must have documentation of a negative TB test prior to starting employment or internship and must show proof annually from a physician, that they have had testing and are free of TB with documentation kept on file. This involves all employees, volunteers, student internships or observations and coaches. You will be asked to provide documentation prior to volunteering, interning or observing at Turnstone.