The mission of the Colorado Railroad Museum is to preserve and convey the rich history of railroading in the Rocky Mountain region through acquisition, research, exhibition, and education.

If you are interested in becoming a Colorado Railroad Museum volunteer, you must provide all information with an asterisk (*), agree to an authorization for a background check, sign a liability release, photo release and agree to our museum code ethics. The additional information you choose to provide is extremely helpful to the Colorado Railroad Museum and helps us to personalize your volunteer experience.

Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Personal Information

What sparks your interest as a volunteer at CRRM?

Tell us a little about yourself and your interests as a volunteer at the museum.

Education and Skills

The following information is used to help us get a better idea of the educational demographic make-up of our volunteers.


What skills would you like to develop as a volunteer at CRRM?


What days are you available? How many hours would you like to help out in a month or year?


Your employment history assists us in applying for grants, sponsorship and volunteer match opportunities. Some companies match donations of both current and former employees.

Please let us know your current occupation. If Retired, former employer.

Emergency Contact

Let us know who to contact in case of an emergency.

Authorization for Background Check

As an applicant for a volunteer position at The Colorado Railroad Museum, I realize that I must undergo a thorough background check to protect the safety of the museum, its visitors, volunteers and staff. I hereby authorize the release of any information relating to my driving record, criminal history and any additional specific information relating to the position that I am applying for, unless restricted by law. This authorization is made voluntarily, and for the purpose of volunteering only, and information should be given only in response to an authorized request from Colorado Railroad Museum.

Liability Release

I, the undersigned, understand that I assume all responsibility for my own safety while a volunteer, intern*, or temporary employee not on the Colorado Railroad Museum payroll, and as such, must provide my own insurance coverage. Further, I acknowledge that when driving State of Colorado vehicles on an **Authorized Volunteer basis the State's liability coverage attaches to the vehicle only, and workers compensation does not apply. Therefore, I am responsible for my own medical payments. I have read and agree to the conditions stated above regarding insurance coverage.

Photo Release

The Colorado Railroad Museum has my permission to take and use my photograph on any type of Volunteer or The Colorado Railroad Museum related printed, electronic, and/or published materials without compensation to me.

Museum Ethics

Colorado Railroad Museum is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards. All Colorado Railroad Museum staff, including volunteers and interns, must abide by these standards. Should the performance behavior of a volunteer in any fashion be deemed unacceptable, it is the prerogative of Colorado Railroad Museum to ask that individual to relinquish his/her volunteer status.

1) Volunteers should not work for personal gains other than the gratification and enrichment that result from participating in Colorado Railroad Museums programming. Volunteers should be prepared to accept, as conditions of their relationship to Colorado Railroad Museum, any restrictions necessary to maintain public confidence in Colorado Railroad Museum.

2) Although Colorado Railroad Museum may accord special privileges, volunteers should not accept gifts, favors, loans, other dispensation, or things of value that accrue to them from other parties in connection with carrying out duties for Colorado Railroad Museum. Conflict-of-interest restrictions placed upon the staff will be explained to volunteers and, where relevant, observed by them.

3) Volunteers must hold matters of program function and administration confidential. Volunteers who have access to Colorado Railroad Museum collections, research, staff activities and associated privileged information must respect the confidentiality of their positions, as well as the significance and integrity of the collections.

I certify all information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. By typing my full name into the box below I am agree to the museums Liability Release, Authorization for Background Check, Photo Release, and Museums Ethics.

Volunteer Orientation

Once you submit your application, our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to set up a one-on-one orientation.