Life in a kennel is stressful and often hides the true personality of the pets. We feel that every pet deserves the chance to be judged by their true personality. The best way to know how they will behave in a home is to place them in a home, a Foster home. As a Foster Parent, you are preparing a homeless pet for adoption. 

Foster commitments come in all shapes and sizes. To learn more about different foster opportunities, please visit our website before filling out this application! 

We are always looking for homes for our larger dogs (over 30 pounds). In the spring and early summer months, we are in need of foster families willing to feed orphaned bottle baby puppies and kittens as well as whelping mommas. Our foster opportunities for small dogs, highly adoptable dogs, and high-interest dogs are extremely limited as these animals are often adopted quickly from our shelter without the additional information needed for placement. 

Please fill out all of the applicable/required fields. Once we receive your application, we will reach out to you within 72 hours to discuss your eligibility and next steps. 

Foster Interests

As a Foster, you may have the opportunity to bring cats and dogs of all ages and sizes into your home. The availability of foster pets depends heavily on our intake each day. Below are the different types of opportunities that may be available to you. Note: New foster parents are limited to one adult foster or one litter at a time from any animal welfare organization Must choose at least one.

Do you have prior experience fostering animals?

Have you fostered animals for other organizations in the past? Please outline your experience in the space below, including the types of animals (dogs, cats, behavior, medical, etc) you have had in your home and the names of the organizations you served.

Your Information

Emergency Contact Information

Household Information

As part of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control's improved foster program, we are gathering information that will aid us in matching you with a foster animal. We are regularly reviewing every aspect of this program, including learning about the people who are drawn to serve as foster parents. Please, answer what you feel comfortable - any information you provide will help us to continue to progress and save lives. Please check all that apply:

House and Yard

Before you welcome a new animal into your house we want to make certain that the animal you chose or that was selected for you will feel at home. Please check all that apply:

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