Thank you for your interest in Heart to Heart International's Disaster Response Team (DRT). Upon completion of this application, additional instructions will be provided. We will review your application and supplements once all documents have been submitted.

Please read the following carefully:

  • The application process timing varies depending on the time taken to submit supplemental paperwork and the availability of HHI staff to interview and review applicants. The process takes longer during disasters as HHI staff are deployed to the field. During times when HHI is not responding to disaster this process might take two weeks, during an active disaster response this process could take two or more months.
  • All Disaster Response Team members are subject to criminal and credential background checks.
  • At this time, we are not deploying LPNs or EMT/Paramedics in a clinical role. However, you can apply as a non-medical logistics volunteer.
  • Preference will be given to Logistics volunteers within 6 hours driving distance of the Kansas City Metro Area.

View our FAQs page. If you have additional questions, please email Gabby,

Contact & Demographic Information

Where it asks for password, please choose a password to use for VicNet/Volgistics, which is how you will log on to our volunteer management database to submit paperwork, log volunteer hours, etc.


Please indicate your highest level of education.

DRT Position Applying for:

Please only select medical positions if you have certification in that area. If you're not sure which position to select, or you don't have a medical license, please select Logistics Domestic and/or International. 


If you are applying for a medical position:

Please enter your primary medical license number, and select only one state and one medical certification that corresponds to your primary license number. Example: I am an RN licensed in Missouri, and my license number is 12345. I would enter/select the following:

Primary Medical License #: 12345

Primary Medical Certification: Nurse RN 

Primary state you're actively licensed in: MO

Only select one option for each of the above fields. You will have an opportunity to upload additional license copies and/or type out additional license information below. You are welcome to select any medical specialties that apply to you.

If you are applying for a non-medical position:

Please select none and complete the additional skills portion below.

Additional Medical Specialties

i.e. tropical medicine, public health, epidemiology, OB/GYN, C-Section, pediatrics, accident and emergency (trauma, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, general practice, minor surgery, etc. Write N/A if none.

Application Questions

Technical Skills & Experiences

Any non-medical skills - i.e. pumps and generators, motor vehicles, energy and electricity, radio equipment, construction and building, cold chain, water and sanitation, bookkeeping, etc. Write N/A if none.

Computer Skills & Experiences

i.e. software, hardware, internet, website design, programming, etc. Write N/A if none.

Volunteer Experience

List any experience working with a volunteer organization either in a developing country, domestic disaster or administrative context. Write N/A if none.

Emergency Contacts:


Please provide the following references:

1. Work Supervisor Reference

2. Co-Worker Reference

3. Personal Reference

4. Volunteer Service Team lead (if applicable)

If self employed, we will still need a minimum of 2 professional references.

Volunteer Handbook Agreement

Please review the Volunteer Handbook. 

I have read and agree to uphold the policies outlined in the Heart to Heart Volunteer Handbook: