The Lake Washington Watershed Internship (LWWIP) has two cohorts. One is offered in the Northshore School District area and meets at the University of Washington | Bothell campus. The other is offered in the Bellevue School District area and meets at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. It is a school year program that assists teens in becoming informed stewards of their local community. Motivated youth with an interest in science or teaching will be directly involved in environmental stewardship, presenting educational programs to elementary students, as well as exciting projects and training opportunities. The immediate activities are fun, but the long term benefits are great too: youth will develop job skills, learn about science careers and be mentored through their involvement with professional staff.

This application is for the Mercer Slough cohort. Applicants must live or go to school within the Bellevue school district to apply. Internship meetings are every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center. We will also meet on approximately 2 Saturdays per month (once for stream monitoring and another time for Restoration or other enrichment opportunities, some months there will be only one Saturday meeting, dates for these meetings have yet to be determined). From February through May there will also be outreach programs that interns will teach from approximately 2pm to 5pm (times dependent on partner organizations).

The program consists of 13 interns with a focus on local creeks within the Lake Washington Watershed. Youth volunteers gain a greater understanding of the world around them through participation in weekly after school meetings, monthly field work on Saturdays, teaching, habitat restoration and field trips.

As a Lake Washington Watershed Intern, teens have the opportunity to learn environmental science concepts through hands-on activities and develop presentation and teaching skills during the weekly meetings. They participate in monthly stream monitoring as a way to learn both physical and chemical water quality testing techniques and use that information to evaluate the health of the watershed. Youth are also directly involved in habitat restoration which includes collaboration with restoration professionals, site surveys, invasive plant removal and the introduction of native plants.

In addition, Interns present interactive science lessons to K – 5th grade youth once per month, from February to May. This teaching experience is an opportunity for teens to mentor elementary-aged students about their local environment and teach about topics that range from wildlife to watersheds. Interns also have opportunities for environmental education outreach to peers and their community.

Finally, Interns explore their local environment through outdoor experiences such as hiking, canoeing and an end-of-the-year camping trip to explore the diverse watersheds of Washington State.

Once youth have completed 100 hours and one year with the program as a volunteer, they will be assessed on skill development, performance and dedication to the program. If expectations are met, they may have the opportunity to be promoted to a second or third year with the Internship.

The Internship year begins the end of September and ends the following June. Interested teens are encouraged to submit an application or contact us throughout the year.

If you have any questions, contact Mercer Slough at (425) 450-0207 or



• High school student, age 14+.

• Live and/or go to school within the Bellevue School District

• Experience working with children desired.

• Smiling team player; positive attitude; service-oriented.

• Able to commit to the Internship program as outlined below in Intern Expectations.

• Able to work outdoors in variable weather conditions.

• Flexible, committed, and passionate about the environment and/or working with children.


• Obtain field science experience.

• Gain valuable leadership, presentation and job skills.

• Volunteers receive Pacific Science Center Membership benefits.

• Work with professional Environmental Educators and Scientists as mentors.

• Achieve 100+ hours of volunteer service to the community.

• Receive bus tickets for transportation to meetings and events.

• Gain experience for a resume or college applications.

Personal Information

How did you hear about LWWIP? *

Short Answers

Please answer the following questions in 3 to 5 sentences each.

1. Why did you decide to apply for the Lake Washington Watershed Internship?


2. What are you most excited about in this internship experience?


3. Please describe any previous volunteer or job experience. Do you have any experience working with children (such as babysitting or camps)/


6. What is your communication style? Do communicate best face to face, via email, text or other?


7. How do you organize your calendar? Tell about a time when you had a scheduling conflict and what you did to resolve it?


8. Do you plan to participate in any organized sports, clubs, plays or other extracurricular activities during the school year that meet on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays (And/or Wednesday afternoons Feb-May)? If you have a scheduling conflict how would you plan to resolve it? Please check the schedule with the coach/instructor if needed.

Applicant Questionnaire (answer yes or no)

The Lake Washington Watershed Internship Program (LWWIP) is committed to enrolling a student body that is diverse and from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM feilds. Your answers will help us ensure our program's success in providing opportunity to these groups; your answers will not determine your selection for this program.

Do you consider yourself a member of any of these groups? (Please answer yes or no to these five questions, numbered, in the space provided. For example: 1. no 2. yes....etc.)

1. I consider myself African American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Latino, or a member of more than one race. (yes or no)

2. I qualify for free or reduced price meals at school. (yes or no)

3. I would be the first generation in my family to attend college. (yes or no)

4. I consider myself a female interested in pursuing a career in STEM fields. (yes or no)

5. I consider myself as a part of a marginalized group that is not listed above. (yes or no)


Program Expectations *

Please read each of the following expectations.

I am willing and able to:

• Attend a once-a-week afterschool meeting from the end of September to June.

• Attend stream monitoring one Saturday a month from October to August.

• Attend a teaching day once per month from January to May.

• Attend field trips that may include canoeing, camping and hiking.

• Participate in monthly habitat restoration, which includes planting and plant removal.

• Be excited to learn about science and the environment.

• Teach elementary students about their watershed and local environment.

• Be on time for all meetings, activities and events.

• Contact staff in advance of Internship events to have absences approved.

• Work outside in the rain or get dirty during meetings or field work.

• Follow all Pacific Science Center regulations regarding professionalism and dress code.

I have read the expectations stated above. I understand what is being asked of me and agree to meet these expectations to the best of my ability. If I am accepted into Pacific Science Center’s Mercer Slough Internship Program, I agree that I will abide by the policies and procedures of the program.

Please electronically sign in the box below by typing your name and today's date.

Application Statement & Parent/Guardian Consent *

Application Statement:

I authorize Pacific Science Center to solicit information regarding my character, previous employment or any statements contained in this application, and contact my references. I hereby release all parties and persons contacted with any such request for information from all claims, liabilities and damages for any reason arising out of the furnishing of such information. If recruited as a volunteer, I release Pacific Science Center from any liability for future references it may provide regarding my work history with Pacific Science Center.

Please electronically sign in the box below by typing your name and today's date.

Parent/Guardian Consent Statement:

As the parent/guardian I am aware that my minor is applying to be a volunteer for Pacific Science Center and I give my permission for their participation in the Lake Washington Watershed Internship Program.

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I am available on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30pm to 6:30pm throughout approximately 90% of the school year