Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Application

The mission of the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is to create a forum for teens ages 12-18 to represent their interests in an advisory capacity within the library. Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Jefferson County Public Library TAB member.

Contact Information

School and Grade

Tell us the school you will be attending in the fall and what grade you will be in.

Emergency Contact

Provide the name, phone number, and email address for the person we should contact in case of an emergency.

TAB Activities & Location

TAB members may also be responsible for the following tasks:
• Planning, attending, and/or facilitating library programs
• Suggesting program ideas and services for teens
• Assisting with various library projects
• Promoting library programs at school and in the community
• Suggesting items such as books, movies and magazines to be added to the library collection
• Advising library staff on Summer Challenge prizes and prize books
• Contributing content to the library’s teen web page

Select "Teen Advisory Board Member (TAB)" at your preferred library location. If you do not see your library's TAB listed, it is because they are not currently recruiting new members. Choose a different TAB location or check back later.


Why are you interested in joining TAB?

Interests & Activities

What are some of your favorite interests, hobbies and extra-curricular activities?

Your Favorites

What are some of your favorite books, music and movies? Why?

Gifts & Talents

What kinds of things are you really good at? What special skills do you have that would benefit your library's TAB?

Other Info

Is there anything else you would like us to know as we consider your application?


Provide the name, phone number and email address for two people we can contact regarding your character, skills, and work ethic.

Agreements and Consents

Review the information below carefully with your parent/guardian and indicate your acknowledgement by clicking the “I agree” button. Jefferson County Public Library reserves the right to decline the services of any Teen Volunteer or TAB member if he or she does not perform according to the Library’s expectations.

The Library appreciates your willingness to serve on the TAB and we are committed to doing the best we can to make your experience at JCPL a productive and rewarding one by:

• Receiving suggestions from you regarding ways in which we might mutually better accomplish our goals;
• Treating all TAB members with respect and as valuable partners with the library staff in accomplishing the mission and vision of the Library.

In turn, you are committing to:
• Actively participating in TAB meetings and library programs;
• Helping to promote participation in the TAB;
• Assisting with the set-up and clean-up of TAB meetings and library programs
• Being a responsible library user;
• Taking pride in the work of the Library’s TAB and contributing to a mutually cooperative working relationship with Library staff and other TAB members;

• As a JCPL TAB member (and parent/guardian) you agree and consent to undergoing a criminal background check, mandatory for all JCPL volunteers and TAB members (Jefferson County Public Library collects applicants’ names, birthdates, and addresses, and works with Background Information Services, Inc. (BIS) to order, prepare, report, obtain, and review background about you/your child for volunteer/TAB purposes);
• As a JCPL TAB member (and parent/guardian), you agree and consent the use of your photograph (and/or your child’s photograph) in news coverage or publicity concerning the Jefferson County Public Library. I/we are also aware that I/we may refuse to be photographed by the library. We ask you to sign this consent because Colorado Statute 24-90-119, Privacy of User Records, protects your privacy in use of the library unless we have your written consent to disclose your use of the library.
• As a JCPL TAB member (and parent/guardian), you understand that some of your work may be carried out and shared in digital formats, including social media applications and Bibliocommons; as such, you and your parent/guardian understand and consent to the risks and potential dangers of online interactions and posting personally identifiable information online.
• As a JCPL TAB member (and parent/guardian), you understand that the minimum age for use of social media applications, according to their End User License Agreements is 13, and that no one under the age of 13 will be asked to engage in tasks involving social media applications.