Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Wildlife Rescue & Frontline Intern with WILDNorth. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

Personal Details

Internship Address

If your address will be different during internship than listed above, please indicate.


Please list your current or most recent school attended, and your concentration/degree (if applicable).

Also list your most recent occupation.


This internship position involves both animal rescue and frontline service work at our Wildlife Hospital. Do you have any experience with animals or customer service? If yes, provide 3-5 points.


What do you expect, and don't expect, to be involved in while interning with us?

Internship Preferences

Training - Please check the box if you are available for a full day of on-site training to be held at the end of April

You will be interning for 10 hours a day (9am-7pm), 2 days a week, from May through August. These two days will remain constant throughout the entire summer for each intern. Please indicate if there are any days of the week you will not be available to be scheduled on a regular basis.

You are only allowed to apply for one internship with WILDNorth at a time. Are you interested in any of the following internships as a second or third choice, should you not be successfully accepted as a Wildlife Rescue & Frontline Intern? Please indicate which in the box below.

- Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern

- Wildlife Education Intern

- Wildlife Patient Fostering/Release Assistant

Summer Plans

You must be available the same two days every week for the entire summer, including on holidays. Do you have any summer vacation plans that might interfere with this? Please explain.


Do you speak any additional languages? What is your first language?

Medical Information

This hands-on internship is a physically demanding position that requires long days working on your feet, carrying large/heavy items, running across various terrain, etc.


1. Do you have any health restrictions or concerns about the above statement? Please explain.

2. A tetanus vaccination is required. Will you obtain one? If you have one, what is the date of your last vaccine?

3. Do you have a current rabies vaccination?

4. Any allergies or current medications we should be aware about in the event of an emergency?

5. Do you have a valid drivers license?

Emergency Contact

Application from Outside of Edmonton

If you are applying from outside of the Edmonton Area, please indicate which provisions you have made to find accommodation, etc.

Internship Conditions

I am aware that this internship is voluntary, and NO salary is offered. Housing and transportation are not provided. I am also aware that I will go through an interview process, and if selected, will need to obtain a Police Information Check including Vulnerable Persons prior to my start date.