Please complete this application form and sign up for one of the below New Volunteer Orientation dates if you are interested in becoming an Austin Animal Center volunteer. If no orientation dates are listed, then we are currently out of space, so please check back frequently for openings!

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If you cannot attend any of these dates or there are no dates listed, STOP the application process and check back later. These classes fill up quickly, but new openings are posted regularly.

Is Email Important?

Yes! We like to keep volunteers informed of important news, schedules, and volunteer opportunities by email. This is the best way for us to get information out to you fast!

Austin Animal Center Liability Waiver

I hereby agree to accept a position as a volunteer worker for the Austin/Travis County Animal Services (A/TCAS), and in so doing I agree to comply with all the rules and regulations established by A/TCAS, and I understand that failure to do so may result in my immediate termination as a volunteer. As a volunteer, I agree to do my best to represent the A/TCAS to the public in an accurate and professional manner.

I acknowledge that my services are provided strictly on a volunteer basis, without pay or compensation of any kind, and without liability of any nature on behalf of the A/TCAS, all services to be performed at my own risk.

I recognize that in handling animals and performing other volunteer tasks, there exists a risk of injury including physical harm caused by the animals. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives and executors, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Austin and Travis County from any and all claims or causes of action that may arise out of performance of my assigned duties. I waive any right of action I have against the aforementioned entities in consideration as a volunteer for the Austin/Travis County Animal Services Volunteer Program.

Confidentiality Statement:
I realize that in my capacity as a volunteer with the City of Austin/Travis County, I may come in contact with confidential information. I do hereby agree to protect this information to the best of my abilities as a volunteer and to not divulge it during or after my service as a volunteer.